Works’ Bio

Benjamin Crocker Works

Executive Director

The Strategic Issues Research Institute

(703) 415 – 1191

Mr. Works, a lightly-decorated, enlisted Vietnam Veteran, served as CBS Radio Network’s principal military analyst during `Desert Storm’ from 16 Jan – 6 March 1991, during the `Restore Hope’ landings in Mogadishu of December 1992, and during the January 1993 No-Fly Zone Crisis in Iraq. Since early 1991, he has also been a featured analyst for CBS Radio “Owned & Operated” and key affiliate stations, commenting in over 2,400 radio appearances of from 3-50 minutes, covering military and diplomatic affairs. Subjects have included US Defense and National Security matters, Terrorism, the Evolution of Russia and China, and on ongoing operations in South Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Somalia. CBS stations include Chicago (WBBM), Dallas (KRLD), Detroit (WWJ), Los Angeles (KNX), Minneapolis (WCCO), New York (WCBS), St. Louis (KMOX), Salt Lake (KSL), San Francisco (KCBS), Seattle (KIRO) and Washington, DC (WTOP).

He also has appeared over 35 times in 3 years as a guest analyst and consultant for the CBS TV Network News program `CBS-Up to the Minute‘. Mr. Works has also served as co-anchor of WBBM Radio’s annual coverage of the 2-day Chicago Air Show with WBBM Radio Anchor, John Hultman(1991-96). He has more recently appeared in discussions with David Asman of FoxNews Cable regarding ongoing operations against Saddam Hussein and other matters of vital national interest.

Mr. Works publishes an Internet Newsletter (“Strategic Issues Today) and News Service through the Institute. The Strategic Issues Research Institute (SIRIUS), founded by Mr. Works and his associates in 1990, is a small, independent `Think Tank,’ located in New York City. SIRIUS is dedicated to the better understanding of Foreign and Military Affairs to further the understanding and in the interests of the American citizen, taxpayer, investor and corporate manager. Works has been a guest lecturer in Strategy to The Naval Wargame Center at the US Naval War College, Newport, RI; and the US Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He has lectured at Manhattan and Baruch Colleges in New York City and will serve as an adjunct lecturer in Political Science at Manhattan College from June 1998.

Works also consults to businesses in Defense industries and to others on investment policies in emerging Asian and former Soviet Republics through the Institute and through other consultancies. From 1974 until 1990, Mr. Works was an international banker and investment banker in New York and Boston, specializing in oil and other vital commodities, and was a registered representative in investment securities and commodity future, giving him over 23 years experience in analyzing oil and capital markets. Employers include Bankers Trust Company, Bank of Boston and Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Works is currently completing an anthology of Sense & Nonsense through the centuries, tentatively entitled, LESSONS LEARNED: Public Wisdom and Popular Follies Through the Ages from 3000 BC to the Present. He has authored an article for and co-edited with Henry F. Carey, PhD, an anthology of political science essays, National Reconciliation in Eastern Europe, to be published by Columbia University.

For his service as an aerial reconnaissance specialist in Vietnam (1969-70), Mr. Works holds The Air Medal and Army Commendation Medal and has been conferred an AB in History from Yale (1974) and an MBA from Boston University (1981).